Central African forest ministers gathered for

The meeting, co-organized by the Congo Basin Forest Partnership (CBFP), aims to find common and sustainable solutions for surviving the Congo Basin forests. There are many promises of funding for these forests, but these are not necessarily on the way to the right place, according to the participants.

as reported from Libreville, Yves-Laurent Goma

Central African Forestry Commission (Comifac), which monitors the region’s forest policy, found that the majority of available funding is captured by the Amazon. A misunderstanding, condemns Françoise Van de Ven, president of the International Technical Association of Tropical Timber (ATIBT): “The observation that has been made now is that it is no longer the Amazon that is the first lung because the forest has become too crowded. It is now Congo The Basin forest, which is the world’s first lung ”.

“Real competition” Non-governmental organizations, for their part, claim that the few resources available are captured by international organizations. “It’s the competition of reality,” explains environmentalist Nicaise Moulombi. And to add: “Almost all funds go to studies. Who studies? It is the international organizations, it is these experts, that is, themselves and not us ”.

During COP 26 in Glasgowdonors have pledged a sum of $ 1.7 billion to indigenous peoples. Joseph Itogwa, Coordinator of the Network for Indigenous Peoples and Locals for the Sustainable Management of Forest Ecosystems in Central Africa (REPALEAC), proposes that the money go directly to the recipients. To “avoid these intermediaries in the funds dedicated to indigenous peoples, which go through a bureaucracy, a large administration, and that only the crumbs reach the societies”.

Sustainable use The funding requested by the countries of Central Africa aims to guarantee the sustainable use of forests.

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