Ceni is ahead of the census to respect

The DRC is preparing to launch voter registration for the 2023 elections at the same time as the general census. The government wanted to link these operations for financial reasons. The National Institute of Statistics (INS), the National Office for Population Identification (Onip) and the Independent National Electoral Commission (Céni) were called upon by the government to pool their resources.

For the independent national electoral commission (Céni), the priority is compliance with the election calendar. The election must be held in December 2023 at the latest, says Denis Kadima, chairman of the electoral centre. “No one wants a schedule slippage. We could achieve that we can move forward on the basis of the enrollment of the population, which takes into account the census.

CENI, which is ahead of the other two bodies responsible for the census, will share the data it collects. “We will give ONIP [Office national de l’identification de la population]selector file to which we will add additional elements that they need. Thus, they will integrate them into the population’s general file,” says the president of Ceni.

Fear of delays. The Electoral Commission will also share its temporary staff but also its offices across the national territory. For its part, the government insists on holding the general census in 2023. It has planned for the operations this year about 75 million dollars. This money, intended for the mapping of operations and the purchase of equipment, has still not been disbursed, leaving doubts as to whether the planned deadlines will be met.

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