Burundian soldiers and militiamen stationed in the east

The government has denied it from the start, and yet the evidence is there, the testimony is there, it’s not just hearsay, it’s not hearsay. There are soldiers, the Imbonerakure, who fought there and who testified, although of course they were confidential because they received very clear orders not to talk about their mission, and it is precisely this aspect that we highlight, is the secret aspect of this mission. For example, when soldiers cross, usually at night, in some cases they have been asked to take off their military uniforms and wear civilian clothes and not take their phones or other items, documents that could identify them as Burundian soldiers. So officially they are not there, but unofficially everyone knows that, the testimonies are there, the people are there and the bodies are also there because there are a large number that were killed in the Congo.

Carina Tertsakian, researcher at IDHB

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