Beni prison attacked, hundreds of fleeing prisoners

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Early on Tuesday morning, October 20, the prison in the town of Béni in the province of North Kivu was attacked by elements of the ADF movement, according to some authorities. Hundreds of prisoners have reportedly been released.

as reported from Kinshasa, Patient Ligodi

It was a carefully conducted intrusion around noon. 4 local time. The mayor of the city talks about an operation that was performed in two phases. Heavily armed, a first group targeted the army’s position around the prison. Another group attacked the prison facility directly. The main gates were broken and the prisoners came out.

There was an exchange of fire between security and defense forces with these armed attackers, who according to the authorities are militant in the United States movement of Ugandan origin ADF (Allied Democratic Forces). These ADF fighters got their comrades imprisoned in this jail.

The details of the operation are not yet known with precision, but according to authorities, two prisoners were killed and several hundred escaped. Other sources also say that the military is losing ground. The situation is confused around the prison, which has already experienced events of this type. In 2017 at least 900 prisoners was also escaped after another attack by armed fighters.


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