back to school amid controversies surrounding free school and Covid

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, schooling has come after a six-month closure due to coronavirus. A new school year against the backdrop of controversy, pressure, but above all a second during free primary school education, determined by President Félix Tshisekedi.

as reported from Kinshasa,

Millions of children were expected in schools across the country. The Minister of Primary, Secondary and Technical Education gave the “ride” from a Catholic school in Kinshasa and highlighted several challenges. “We are launching the start of the new school year in a very complicated, very difficult context.” First because of the coronavirus pandemic. With free primary education, public schools are experiencing unprecedented popularity, while infrastructure is inadequate.

The authorities are also under pressure from teachers’ unions. In some schools in Kinshasa, for example. Started a strike movement of teachers who still do not get paid because they are not yet registered by the state. Consequence: At Tobongisa Primary School in the heights of the city of Ngaliema, the students spent this first day without a teacher.

Too many lies ”

Pascal Mampuya, a union delegate, is dressed up for nineteen with glasses on his nose and is camping in the school cables with his colleagues. “There are too many lies. We are tired! Today we will see more clearly in this situation. Let the parents put pressure on the government to take responsibility for this situation. In the classroom, barrier movements are not respected, they are overcrowded, there are 50, 70 students in the class without masks, no social distance ”.

The start of the school year was scary in other schools, but parents referred to their material lack of preparation in light of the economic crisis. In an effort to reduce tensions, the government has promised to pay around 58,000 teachers by the end of October, but according to teachers’ unions, there are almost 100,000 other high school teachers who have not yet been adjusted for pay.