at the EU summit, all concerns were put on the table

The political dialogue between the DRC and the European Union ended on Tuesday. For two days, about ten ministers and the Ambassador of the European Union and his team had the opportunity to address all common concerns. Open and honest discussions, both sides say.

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The organization of an annual dialogue is one of the provisions of Cotonou Agreement, but in the Congo it had not been held since 2009. Note this DRC complained that the Directive ofEuropean Unionon the imposition of sanctions against companies that buy minerals in conflict zones, including the DRC. Adopted in 2017, a moratorium was applied until 2021.

For the DRC, it is time to review the aid paradigm. The Deputy Prime Minister for the budget requested it in his opening speech. Kinshasa wants budget support and cooperation whose management is less centralized, directly to ministries or provinces, but also less conditional.

Ministers also called for more European investment. European diplomats to improve the business climate while taking the opportunity to insist on the importance for the EU to see the talks with the IMF succeed.

Several differences between the parties

The EU also raised the issue of human rights violations, almost half of which can still be attributed to state agents, but also stressed the importance of thinking about justice before reintegrating group members. armed.

At the political level, European diplomats insisted on the importance of remaining inclusive and building consensus, especially on electoral reform discussions, while the government delegation, largely dominated by the FCC, insisted on respect for the institutional framework.

One of the most important contentious issues remained the question of sanctions against a dozen Congolese personalities. Discussions on their renewal are underway in Brussels. But Kinshasa insists on being heard on the basis of the Cotonou Agreement when European diplomats remind that it is a matter of sovereignty.


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