at least 21 died in two days at the mine site in

A rivalry conflict over the occupation of the mine in Bigaragara would be the cause of this tragedy and an armed Banyamulenge self-defense group has been designated, while other fights are reported this Friday in the same area.

as reported from Bukavu, William Basimike

According to local civil society, Wednesday’s attack came after two armed local self-defense groups, Twirwaneho and Biloze Bishambuke, argued over the control of taxes at this mining site located in Basimunyaka Southern Grouping in the Mutambala sector, a landlocked region due to the lack of roads and telephone networks.

Civil society in Bigaraga laments the fact that artisanal diggers are among the victims of disobeying this or that armed group. Wednesday’s attack killed seven people directly at the mine site, eight bodies including children were later found charred in burnt houses and six other people succumbed to their injuries in the bush, according to civil society.

The leader of the Mutambala sector, Lwanusha Mmelelwa Josué, confirms the death of seven people and points the finger at the armed group Twirwaneho. Like civil society, he laments the absence of FARDC soldiers in this mining area, “a situation that pushes armed groups to carry out hostilities without concern,” he said.

Twirwaneho, on their part, denies the allegations and says they are not directly or indirectly involved.

Meanwhile, hostilities resumed this Friday morning in the villages of Natulonge, Nagishasha, Biziba and Kamimbi between the coalition of Banyamulenge armed groups, Gumino -Twirwaneho – Android, and the Maimai Biloze Bishambuke coalition.

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