assaults via armed teams at the outskirts of Bangui

Shots were heard Wednesday morning on the outskirts of the Central African capital. Fighting has been reported regularly in recent weeks in the country since a coalition of rebel groups was formed in mid-December.

as reported from Bangui, Charlotte Cosset

The recording started around kl. 6 this morning at PK11-PK12, the northern entrance to the capital. La Minusca confirms that its base there was attacked by armed elements.

The answer was immediate along with the Central African Armed Forces. Reinforcements were sent there, the UN mission states. Clashes also took place at the western exit of the city towards PK9 in Bimbo, the road to MBaïki.

Residents of the monastery still at PK11

Prime Minister Firmin Ngrebada spoke very quickly. He said on his Facebook account that “the attackers who came in large numbers to take Bangui have been heavily repulsed”.

It seems that the intensity of the fire was less important around 10 o’clock (local time), but the situation remains tense on its part, the UN force assures. Searches are underway, the prime minister said. Witnesses on the side of PK11 assure that they are monastery at home and hear shots this morning.

What can also be said is that the Air France flight scheduled for today has been canceled. The convoy of goods that had been blocked in Bangui for several weeks, which had to leave this morning to reach Cameroon, could not leave the capital either.

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