arrests in the middle of the “bay”, a new one

One hundred arrests took place on Thursday in Kinshasa, the result of an anti-drug police operation against the “bulge”, a drug made with catalyst residues from exhaust pipes. The operation was initiated following the concerns expressed by the authorities about the harmful effects of the consumption of this drug, which is mainly used by young people. Three Tunisian citizens were among those arrested.

as reported from Kinshasa, Pascal Mulegwa

The big battle, according to police, was carried out in a concession near the city center. Dozens of bags of catalyst were found there, and at least one was made of plastic containing pieces of black catalyst.

It is the raw material from which the dust is extracted that, when mixed with pharmaceutical products, gives the “bulge”.

The packages and their owners, three Tunisians, were presented by the police along with several dozen Congolese. They are consumers, manufacturers or even traffickers of cocaine, heroin, hemp and bomb.

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During their presentation to the press, the suspected drug smugglers sat on the ground. Some, surprised when the police presented the charges to the governor, claimed that they worked legally for a company responsible for collecting ceramic filters, especially those found on vehicle exhaust pipes.

Some of the detainees will be brought before the prosecution for prosecution, others will be made available to the national service, which is now responsible for the rehabilitation of criminals. As part of this program, about 2,000 people have already been sent to the south-east of the country to be trained in various jobs, especially in agriculture. An atypical method supported by the government, but condemned by human rights organizations.

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