Anatole Matusila in turmoil following his dismissal from Congo Central

Dismissed during a plenary session of the Central Congo Provincial Assembly, Anatole Matusila, its President, refuses to recognize this decision, which for him is irregular. He accuses provincial governor Atou Matubuana of orchestrating the coup against him.

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as reported from Kinshasa,

According to Deputy Jean-Claude Mvuemba, Anatole Matusila was fired on Wednesday during a session attended by 26 provincial representatives. Deputies blame him for his absence: “He did not hold a meeting for a year,” he explains.

“Moreover, even on Wednesday, he was absent from the room even though he was present in the city of Matadi,” the provincial deputy added. That day, he even ordered the doors to the room. It was Quaestor Loriane Nzolani who was responsible for breaking down the lock.

The consequences of the sex tape affair?

For the deputies of the provincial assembly are turning since now, and we are already talking about the renewal in a few days of office.

In the Matusila camp, the secretary general of his ABACO party talks about a socio-political crisis dating back to this sex tape affair. He accuses the governor of revenge. That governor who had been fired of the same provincial assembly for having been the originator of the distribution of this video. If Anatole Matusila did not go to the opening of the session, it is because he felt threatened, according to him.

“This quarrel is going too far,” said Antoine Gonda, a former foreign minister. The institutions of the central Congo province no longer function today, which prevents us from developing ”.


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