an MSF employee killed by a FACA member

An MSF staffer died last Saturday after being shot three times by a member of Faca, the Central African Armed Forces, in Ouham Prefecture, northwest of the country.

Mahamat Ahamat, a 46-year-old Central African, had worked for Médecins Sans Frontières since 2010 and was responsible for distributing medicines. He was on leave at his home in the small town of Moyenne-Sido, 500 km north of the capital Bangui, near the Chadian border, when the incident took place.

Gisa Kolher, MSF’s Deputy Head of Operations in the Central African Republic, asks that all light be shed on the circumstances surrounding the murder of her colleague, which are still unclear.

“We know apparently a member of the Faca Army from the Central African Republic came to his house and, the only thing we know, (is that) he shot our colleague three times: one bullet in the leg and two in the leg. Stomach. And for the circumstances, why it happened, we have no details, says Gisa Kolher, at the microphone Claire Fages by the Africa editorial staff. The individual is part of the Central African Armed Forces. What position? I can not say. They arrested the man who shot our colleague and as far as we know he is May

The information fell yesterday Tuesday via a press release from NGO to AFP. Médecins Sans Frontières “strongly condemns the murder and” urges the authorities to clarify the circumstances that led to the murder of our colleague. ” “Médecins Sans Frontières is also in contact with the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Defense and other relevant authorities to better understand the circumstances that led to this unacceptable situation,” continues MSF.

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An #MSF employee died on Saturday, May 28, after being shot by a member of the Central African Armed Forces in Moyenne-Sido in Ouham Prefecture, in the northwestern country.

Médecins Sans Frontières France (@MSF_france) 31 May 2022

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