an arrest in the case of the Central Bank of Congo


The head of the crushing room at the Central Bank of Congo in Lubumbashia was arrested on Friday, November 20, for embezzling public funds. But according to NGO Justicia Asbl, a dozen other agents should be investigated for theft in 2019 of bags of used Congolese banknotes that are normally intended to be perforated and then crushed.

as reported from Lubumbashi, Louise maheho

According to an investigation by the Central Bank of Congo, about ten agents from the Lubumbashi branch should be arrested. The provincial director of Lubumbashi’s branch central bank and agents are believed to be involved in the theft. CCTV images are evidence for the central bank’s investigators.

Master Timothée Mbuya from NGO Justicia Asbl, based in Lubumbashi, is surprised that only the head of the grinding room has been charged so far. “Most of those quoted are people who became rich illegally, and we know that there are people among them who have a lot of money in bank accounts here, and others have real estate. their names, he stressed. For us, these are things that worry us and we ask that the guilty be punished severely. “

The case took place more than a year ago. Billions of Congolese francs have been embezzled of the Lubumbashi branch of the Central Bank of Congo when they were to be destroyed or reintroduced into the banking system. And at that time, the Lubumbashi Public Prosecutor’s Office had dismissed the case. RFI has filed the lawsuit several times but has not yet responded.


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