after the Doha agreement welcomed the first rebels

About fifty representatives of the Chadian political-military movements, signatories of the Doha Agreement, returned to Ndjamena on Saturday 13 August. They were accompanied by members of the government delegation who negotiated the agreement that would allow the politico-military to participate in the inclusive national dialogue scheduled for August 20. Mobilization was strong at Ndjamena airport to welcome these rebels, some of whom are returning to the country after decades of exile.

as reported from Ndjamena, Madjiasra Nako

There were both emotions and screams every time one of the 52 rebels came out of the VIP lounge, a rose offered for the descent of the plane, hanging on his chest. Some spoke between hugs and shouts of joy.

“I thank God for being with my family. After more than 25 years it is very funny. There is a time for war and a time for peace,” said one. “I am very happy to find myself here, in the countryside, among my people. I’m really excited,” said another.

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Further, at the exit of the airport, relatives who had been waiting for hours could cheer. “I came to welcome my uncle who had been in exile for so many years. I am so touched, so happy to finally see him again after so many years”, assured a Chadian. One man added that he was “very proud” to see one of those 52 rebels again.

Most of the personalities who returned on Saturday night belong to little-known movements. Other more important personalities are expected in Ndjamena in the coming days.

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