adoption of the bill on medical reproduction

On Wednesday, June 29, Cameroon’s deputies adopted the bill on PMA, medically assisted reproduction. Medically assisted reproduction is a set of clinical methods to help people who are having difficulty having children.

MAP has already been practiced for several years in Cameroon, but so far there has been no legal framework in this area. And it is to compensate for this absence that the text was defended in the assembly by the Minister of Health, Dr. Manaouda Malachie, “to respond to requests from couples who cannot have children (…) while securing the newborn and family (…) and to safeguard a social model built around the family: a father, a mother, children”.

Thus, the bill reserves PMA to heterosexual couples, married or able to prove a married life. To benefit from assisted reproduction in Cameroon, you must be at least 21 years old, not over 55 if you are a woman, no age limit if you are a man.

Free and anonymous It is also necessary that the difficulty or inability to conceive naturally has been diagnosed or that the couple has reason to fear transmitting a serious congenital disease. Or that there is a need to save germ cells for later, for example if the man or woman has to undergo surgery or treatment that will change fertility.

We can also remember that the principle of the couple’s and third parties’ consent to egg or sperm donation is confirmed. Just like that with free, voluntary and anonymity. But a ban on the trade in gametes or embryos, including a ban on surrogacy (GPA). The penalties imposed are severe, ranging from fines to imprisonment. The facilities concerned will have one year to comply with this new law.

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