a peaceful legislative and local election, however

About fifty observers from the African Union (AU) and the Central African Economic Community (ECCAS) deployed on 10 July 2022 during the first round of legislative elections, together with local elections, welcomed a peacefully organized election on Tuesday 12 July. However, they deplore several weaknesses that need to be corrected for a better organization of future elections.

These observers organized a joint press conference at a hotel in the square. Second, ECCAS ‘Head of Mission, Dr. Gabriel Arcanjo Ferreira Da Costa, the difficulties observed election day: “In general, most polling stations visited opened with a relative delay. This delay varied from 30 minutes to just over three hours in some polling stations. The embassy noted that in some places the offices were set up in the village chiefs’ homes or in other unsuitable premises as drinking places. ”

Imperfections The head of the AU mission, Kwesi Ahoomey-Zunu, compiles the report on the shortcomings: “We pointed out that there are places where there were anomalies; that there were places where the offices were not open on time, places where the candidates’ offices were not present, places where the material was not arranged on time. This means that it is not completely white. But overall it went well. ”

Both assignments gave recommendations. They consider that the shortcomings found are not such as to call into question the outcome of the vote, the publication of which is pending. They praised the political maturity of the Congolese people.

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