Demonstration by the opposition spread by the police

Prohibited by Kinshasa municipality, the march, organized by the opposition on Wednesday, was dispersed by police with tear gas. Opponent Martin Fayulu could not go to the equalizer.

From our correspondent in Kinshasa,

While Martin Fayulu and his activists met in a square in a popular district east of the capital Congoleserat 8 local time the demonstration did not last long.

Following the decision of the city governor, who had banned this march, the police had already mobilized early in the morning. Activists trying to gather were systematically dispersed, and tear gas was used by police to deter those who had managed to gather around the opponent. Martin Fayulu. Some arrests and injuries were also reported.

Police tried in vain to stop Martin Fayulu, and despite opposition from the former presidential candidate, police punctured the tires of his car to prevent him from continuing his progress toward Mounting Area.

Angry, Martin Fayulu went to the police station to demand that his car be repaired. His request was granted, new tires were purchased by the police and his car was returned to him.

This quarrel marked the end of the demonstration, but the opponent has already promised new gatherings in the coming days.