a clinic in the campaign for screening for cervical cancer

The International Outpatient Clinic in Brazzaville (Polibra) launches this Sunday, March 20, the second week of its free screening campaign for cervical and breast cancer. The operation mobilizes people, as this cancer is presented as a scourge and a real public health problem for Congolese women.

Doctor Esaie Okana Nkou arrives at the clinic at 9 in the morning. He first puts on his white coat which we can read “make medicine different”, before he goes to consultations.

“Good day Mrs. What is your name? I’ll explain to you what this screening will consist of. In fact, we have two phases: we will first examine your breasts and if we encounter a lesion we will expose you. “for imaging, so we give you an ultrasound. And the second part of this screening will apply to the cervix. We will look for precancerous lesions. If they exist, we will treat them,” the doctor explains to the patient.

After all these explanations, the lady is tracked down for half an hour. She explains the rest: “When he examined me, it’s fine! Now I have to do the tests he prescribed to confirm what he saw.”

Since the start of the operation, doctor Esaïe Okana Nkou has met an average of twenty women a day: – The age group affected is all women who have already experienced sexual activity. At present, the presence of cancer in the cervix challenges us “, the oncologist worries.

According to the Ministry of Health, breast and cervical cancer kill more than 100 women in Congo every year. The Polibra campaign ends on March 31.

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