The Road to Puntland President Said Abdullahi Deni

AXADLETM EDITORIAL | The pages of history remember January 26 as the day Garowe peacefully united many Somali leaders in a moment of significance and history. Opposition groups as well as the incumbent president of the Somali federal government flew into Garowe to celebrate the inauguration of the new president Siciid Cabdulahi Deni. This was an evening to remember, it was big and bold. In addition to the President of Somalia and the new President of Puntland Siciid Cabdulahi Deni, the honorary guests included former Presidents of TFG, Former Vice President of Puntland, Presidents of Federal Member States, Members of the Federal Parliament, Ministers of the Federal Government, dignitaries of the International Community, Women Leaders , young, traditional elders and the media and of course the larger Puntland community.

If this inauguration was somehow a sign of President Denis’ leadership, then we can already see his vision in the people he is responsible for the inauguration, including MC Yasmeen Maxamuud Xamud, a Somali woman from the United States, a writer who moved to Puntland for being a change producer. She instructed the program in Somali and spoke directly to the international community in flawless English. This was a first of many first-timers in this administration.

The waves of people cheered their leaders, whom they have only known until that moment from TV screens. Four hours of speeches, poetry, entertainment and reflection culminated in an aura of hope and change. In his speech, President Deni eloquently acknowledged the reasons for the formation of the state of Puntland, namely to create a system of governments that was beneficial to the people of Puntland, and also to be a major influence in establishing a federal government in Somalia that was strong and stable to support the federal member states. For twenty years, Puntland achieved both as both governments.

In his introductory speech, Mr. Deni on the radical changes that his presidency represented and described in detail the changes he would make in this new administration. He was confident and knowledgeable when he gave his introductory speech. Everywhere his speech was thoughtful and well-delivered.

The President promised to bring institutional reforms to the existing public institutions and uphold the rule of law and the judiciary in order to serve the people equally and justly. President Deni promised to improve and strengthen revenue collection systems in place to ensure a sustainable economy.

He also spoke deliberately about the willingness to fight militia groups and improve the security sector. Judging from his speech, the president, who inherited an empty treasury and broken public institutions, will have a high order ahead of him to arrange the five years with the government of former president Dr. Abdiweli Ali Gas, whose government was famous for corruption, nepotism and weak institutions that were not strong enough to maintain public service.

To bring the government to the people, President Deni will first and foremost need to bring competent, honest and hard-working Puntlanders into his government to serve in his government. The hope is that President Deni chooses his cabinet taking into account the drastic changes he promises to take base, his cabinet must reflect that, it must have competent people with strong leadership skills, varied skills and transferable knowledge that they can apply to different situations. They must also be serious about serving the people of Puntland with honesty and principle.

And President Deni should choose merit over friendship and influence. President Deni is better than his predecessor and should get his new cabinet by electing those who serve in all areas of government in:

Integrity, honesty, education and purpose.

The festive ceremony ended in cheers and excitement from the public and a renewed promise for all puntlanders. The new president will be tasked and reminded that his government will be judged on the promises he made.

President Deni will be appreciated for his commitment to making bold changes to improve youth unemployment, education, promote healthier economies and law-abiding citizens. The whole ceremony was about validations and a commitment to people who are ready for a leader who is a part of their lives and one who will understand a government without the people is a government with failures.

Deni’leadership role is commendable, he gathered under one roof presidents of federal ember states and president Farmajo to create solutions to the ongoing conflict that has drawn and has had a negative impact on the relationship between Mr. The government of Farmajo and that of the federal member states. This was a prominent time for President Deni to showcase his leadership, which he did by addressing the long-running feud between the federal member states and the federal government. No promises were made here, but an understanding to plan a time in March to once again bring these stakeholders to task to counter this dead end.

Although President Denis’ administration is still young, his actions and leadership spell an administration that is competent, productive and integrated. We also expect a government that respects the will of the people, upholds the rule of law, is transparent and has an environment that will encourage investment by international partners in Puntland to implement the necessary development and reform that President Deni will undertake.


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