#Senegal President’s brother resigns after allegations of energy fraud


A brother of Senegalese President Macky Sall, Aliou Sall, announced Monday his resignation the Caisse des Depots and Consignations ( CDC ), a financial institution he had been running since September 2017, three weeks have been pinned in a report of the BBC on management oil and gas in Senegal.

“I take here before you the decision to give my resignation from the head of the Caisse des Depots and Consignations from this day,” said the president of the public bank, responsible in particular for financing projects of general interest, since the town hall of Guédiawaye, city of the suburbs of Dakar of which he is the mayor.

“All this unfortunate controversy is maintained only around a tissue of amalgams and untruths intended to feed another campaign, more insidious, that one, which goes beyond my modest person”, added Aliou Sall, implying that it was his brother who was targeted through him.

In June 2012, shortly after his first election, President Macky Sall confirmed the decision of his predecessor, Abdoulaye Wade, to award the exploitation of the two offshore oil and gas fields to Petro-Tim, an oil company. Australian-Romanian businessman Frank Timis.

In a report that has not ceased to stir controversy in Senegal since its broadcast on June 3, the BBC said that Aliou Sall had received in 2014 a secret bonus of $ 250,000 from the group Timis, where he was also hired after the arrival of his brother in power for a bountiful salary, according to the BBC , $ 25,000 a month.

Aliou Sall formally denied having received this bonus and threatened to file a complaint for defamation against the British channel, before giving it up following the opening of a judicial investigation in Senegal.

The president’s brother had already resigned in October 2016 from his post in the Timis group after initial criticism of a possible conflict of interest. He was then appointed by presidential decree to head the CDC .

The pressure intensified with protests from opponents and civil society on June 14th and 21st to demand the “transparency” of contracts related to the exploitation of gas and oil. Macky Sall denounced an “attempt to destabilize” the country, without commenting on the case of his brother.



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