#Malawi: the opposition is standing up against the results of the presidential election


In Malawi, the opposition led by presidential candidate Lazarus Chakwera does not expect to be convinced by the results of the elections disclosed by the Electoral Commission. The opponent and his party in the Malawi Congress ( MCP ) intend to bring the case to court, while Peter Mutharika, the outgoing president declared winner was invested on Tuesday.

In an interview with the BBC , the opponent also lamented “serious irregularities” in the announcement of the results, thus involving equipment used in the counting. “It’s an electoral system in which members of the electoral commission can use the Tipp-Ex [white corrector liquid] on ballots … and yet there are no consequences,” he complained.

During the recount, this correction fluid – which is expressly excluded from the long list of authorized electoral materials – has given migraines to the Malawi Electoral Commission. The main opposition party said it had erased erasures and, above all, a surprisingly high number of “white” stains overloaded with redactions on the ballots.

Satisfaction of international observers
The President of the Electoral Commission had herself offended. “It’s disturbing, because it’s widespread, from Chitipa (north) to Nsanje (south),” said Jane Ansah, citing the two most remote districts of the country.

As a result of this “white” affair to be wiped out, the country’s justice ordered a postponement of the proclamation of the results of the May 21 elections for several days. It was finally in the evening of Monday that the MEC announced the re-election of incumbent Peter Mutharika with 38.57% of the vote, ahead of the leader of the opposition, Lazarus Chakwera (35.41%).

The re-elected president, for his part, rejected criticism of his opposition, drawing against the field the respect of international observers and civil society. The latter had welcomed the good conduct of the vote without, however, mention the scandal of the “white” to erase.


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