#Gabon: President Bongo at a ceremony 10 months after stroke


Gabonese President Ali Bongo Ondimba attended a commemorative ceremony in Libreville on Friday, without making a speech but where he was filmed by international media for the first time since his stroke ten months ago, journalists from the country said. AFP .

This is his first public appearance, outside his palace and filmed by other bodies than those of the communication of the presidency or the state media, when a part of the opposition relaunch the debate on his ability to perform duties.

The detractors of the Head of State also call on the Gabonese to come massively to make their opinion on the issue Saturday, during the military parade for the 59th anniversary of independence, which Mr. Bongo attends each year. The president must also address the Nation in a speech broadcast on Gabonese television Friday night.

Mr. Bongo, 60, smiled a few words with security officers, before laying a wreath at the mausoleum of the first Gabonese president, Leon Mba. The head of state was traveling with a cane and his aide-de-camp helped him climb a few steps up a flight of stairs, AFP reporters told the ceremony, which lasted half an hour, on a shortened path compared to previous years.



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