#Buhari wins the elections in Nigeria


In Nigeria, incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari will win the election, according to Reuters news agency compiling figures from the country’s electoral authority.

Throughout the day today and yesterday, the Nigerian electoral commission has presented the results of how each of the country’s 36 states voted at the election last Saturday.

By the late 1960s , the incumbent president Muhammadu Buhari had won in 15 states, gathering nearly 12 million votes – a leadership that, according to Reuters news agency, is impassable. His rival businessman Atuku Abubakar had then won in 12 states and gathered just over 8 million votes.

Thus, if Reuters summary is true, President Buhari will remain, but no official announcement from Nigeria’s electoral authority is expected until early tomorrow.

Both Buhari and Atiku have promised to respect the official election results, if they find it credible. Throughout the election campaign, both sides have accused each other of trying to influence the result, and yesterday and today, the Atikus campaign has repeated the accusations.

If they choose to challenge the expected defeat in court, it may take months before it can be determined who will govern Africa’s most populous country and largest economy in the next four years.

There is also concern that an escalation of the conflict will lead to violence between the supporters of the two candidates – something that happened after every Nigerian election.


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