#After the municipal elections, Cameroon postponed its legislative elections


Cameroonian President Paul Biya has decided on a second postponement to 2020 of the legislative elections initially scheduled for 2018, after having done the same for the municipal authorities, according to a decree consulted Saturday by AFP .

“The mandate of the deputies to the National Assembly is extended for a period of two months from October 29, 2019,” says the decree dated Friday night. This extension is synonymous with postponement of the legislative.

Scheduled, like municipal in 2018, the legislative had already been postponed to 2019.

Yaoundé wants to conduct both polls at the same time to reduce costs, according to parliamentarians joined by AFP .

Since the mandate of municipal councilors has just been extended until February 29, 2020, legislative elections could be held at this time.

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Cameroon is facing major security crises in the north of the country, where the jihadist group Boko Haram is regularly attacking, as well as in the English-speaking regions of the northwest and south-west, which have violent claims of independence.

In addition, the country faces a tense political context: the president of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon ( MRC ), the opponent Maurice Kamto, and dozens of militants of his party, arrested in January, are still imprisoned.

Yaounde is also facing cash tensions because of the mobilization of significant resources to finance the deployment of the army in crisis areas.



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