#Adama Barrow: 100 days to breathe new life into The Gambia


Adama Barrow, the Gambian head of state, has multiplied travel since taking office on January 19, 2017.

This diplomatic offensive is not fortuitous. After 22 years of reign of his predecessor Yahya Jammeh, the new president wants to catch up with his country diplomatically and thus boost the economy.

In each country where he was, Adama Barrow advocates a unity found in the Gambia and the beginning of a new era in this West African state.

It must be said that the last years in the Gambia were not a long quiet river. Human rights organizations supported by Western countries have reported serious human rights abuses during the Jammeh years.

To the joys of the power since January 19, Adama Barrow wants to change this image of closed country and to reconnect with the international partners.

It is no coincidence that the Gambian president decided, from the first days of his mandate, to return to the International Criminal Court ( ICC ) and the Commonwealth community.

An institution that Jammeh had decided to leave in November 2016 and 2013 respectively.

Many challenges ahead

But it is above all that Adama Barrow is aware that this is a necessary exercise to win the confidence of investors and countries of the international community.

In February, the World Bank promised to disburse $ 60 million to strengthen the Gambia’s budget.

The European Union announced $ 225 million in financial assistance to the country, while the African Development Bank spoke of a $ 1 million investment in the energy sector in The Gambia.

Private investors are also rushing to the country. In an interview with the BBC on the occasion of his 100 days of practice, Adama Barrow claimed to receive many proposals. “It’s only been three months, and I can tell you that a lot of investors are knocking at my door.”

A declaration supposed to reassure his fellow citizens that he considers “impatient”. “Gambians are a little impatient, but I understand them.

The wait was long, 22 years, and they put all their efforts together to make this change. Expectations are very high. I will not say that we are slow, but we are following the steps. ”

As the prerogatives of Adama Barrow for the next few months, the restructuring of the army, the electrification of the country, but also repair the injustices committed. It is in this last point that finds the full meaning of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission set up in February.

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