#UN: More humanitarian aid will be needed


Mozambique has barely recovered from cyclone Idai. Now the country has been hit again and millions of people need urgent help.

Mozambique is once again hit by severe rainy weather and hurricane winds, just a month after cyclone Idai caused mass death and huge devastation.

Now it is the cyclone Kenneth that causes several meters high waves and difficult floods with great destruction in cities and villages, and on islands along the northern coastline of Mozambique.

Now the UN warns that the cyclone will aggravate the already very difficult situation in the country and further extensive humanitarian aid will be necessary. Three million people are already reported to be in need of emergency help after Idai.

On the island of Ibo, 90 percent of the houses are reported to have been leveled with the land, and a travel agent representative tells Reuters that it looks as if the island had been bombed.

There are no details yet on the number of dead and injured.

In the next few days, intensive rainfall is expected in Mozambique.

According to the global meteorological body WMO, it has never before happened that Mozambique suffered two such severe weather so close to each other.

More than a thousand people died in the cyclone Idai, and Mozambique still struggles with international aid organizations with the consequences of it.


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