#Libya: the GNA calls on the UN Security Council to take action to stop Khalifa Haftar’s offensive


The Government of National Unity ( GNA ) recognized by the international community on Friday urged the Security Council of the UN to act to stop the offensive launched by Marshal Khalifa Haftar Tripoli, regretting the division of the international community on Libya.

“We want non-military political intervention,” GNA Foreign Minister Mohamad Tahar Siala told reporters .

“We hope that the Security Council of the UN will manage to stop the attacking force and the capital to persuade countries that support it to change position,” he added.

According to him, the Security Council must call the forces loyal to Marshal Haftar to “withdraw to their positions prior to the attack” on Tripoli.

“At that moment, the forces defending the capital will stop the fighting,” he said.

“There are divisions within the international community. They are clear, whether in the Security Council, in regional organizations, such as the Arab League, the African Union or the European Union “.

In two meetings in a few days, “the Security Council could not agree on a communiqué, not even a resolution,” he lamented.

Asked about the support of some countries to Marshal Haftar, Mr. Siala said that “the GNA was in regular contact with countries that support both sides,” without naming a particular country.

“Libyans must rely on themselves to find a political solution to the conflict, otherwise they will pay a heavy toll on many generations.”

The Libyan National Army ( NLA ), self-proclaimed by Marshal Khalifa Haftar, the strongest man in eastern Libya, has been conducting an offensive since April 4 to seize the Libyan capital, headquarters of the GNA .

The attack has left dozens dead and thousands displaced, according to the UN


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