#Libya: 35 dead since the start of the Haftar offensive, according to Tripoli (new balance sheet)


At least 35 people have been killed since the start of an offensive by Marshal Haftar against the Libyan capital since April 4, according to a new balance sheet arrested Sunday night by the Ministry of Health of the Government of National Unity ( GNA ) based in Tripoli .

The minister, who also refers to forty other wounded, reported 14 dead for the only day Sunday.

Health Minister A’Hmid Omar said that several civilians were among the victims, without specifying the number.

Meanwhile, the Libyan National Army ( ANL ) Marshal Khalifa Haftar reported Saturday night 14 dead among its fighters.

Fierce fighting on Sunday near Tripoli paramilitary forces of Marshal Haftar, who wants to conquer the capital, to the troops of the GNA , recognized by the international community, despite international calls for the cessation of hostilities.

Washington has called for an “immediate halt” to Marshal Haftar’s offensive. On Monday, Moscow on its side called “all parties” to restraint. But the big powers have failed to agree to the UN on a common position on the Libyan crisis.

A country rich in oil, Libya has been torn apart by multiple internal conflicts since the fall of dictator Moamer Kadhafi in 2011.

But the offensive launched Thursday by forces of Marshal Haftar, strongman of the east of the country, to take Tripoli and extend its hold in the west, marks a clear degradation between the two main entities fighting over the power.

Truce ignored

The mission of the UN in Libya (Manul) launched an “urgent appeal” to a Sunday two-hour truce in the southern suburbs of Tripoli for the evacuation of the wounded and civilians against the military escalation.

But “there was no truce,” told AFP a spokesman for the Manul, Jean Alam. Libyan rescue services confirmed that they had not been able to enter the clash zones.

The fighting raged Sunday south of Tripoli, especially in Wadi Rabi and in the perimeter of the international airport, an unused infrastructure since its destruction by fighting in 2014.

The ANL , the paramilitary force led by Marshal Haftar, announced Sunday that he had conducted his first air raid in the southern suburbs of Tripoli. UN – backed Prime Minister Fayez al – Sarraj ‘s forces loyal to the UNGhad conducted their first air strike the day before.



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