#Egypt: Parliament ratifies extension of Sissi’s powers


The Egyptian parliament voted Tuesday to extend Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s presidency until 2030, state-run Al-Ahram newspaper and state-run Nile TV reported.

“The current mandate of the president must end after six years,” says the amendment passed by Parliament on Tuesday, before specifying: the president “may be re-elected for another term” of six years.

Parliament’s vote is yet to be followed by a referendum, which should be held in the coming days.

The campaign for this referendum has already begun with many banners deployed in the streets of Cairo for several days.

No information was available immediately on the number of votes cast for the constitutional amendments to the Parliament, which has 596 elected members.

Installed in 2016, this legislature is mostly in favor of President Sissi.

The foreign press was not allowed to cover this meeting, as is often the case in parliamentary sessions.

“The countdown on the final vote on all amendments must still be done,” said AFP Mohamed Abu Hamed, a pro-Sisi MP.

The constitutional revision must also increase the control of the judiciary by the executive and institutionalize the political role of the army, pillar of the regime.

Abdel Fattah al-Sissi was elected in 2014 for a four-year term, then re-elected in 2018 for the same term.



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