#Algeria: intelligence chief reportedly resigned


Another pillar of the Algerian regime that falls. In any case, if we stick to the reports of the Algerian press. General Athmane Tartag, said Bachir, hitherto chief of intelligence services would have resigned.

Tuesday, April 2, a few hours after the resignation of Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, a pure product of his regime decided to take the leap to meet the aspirations of the people: those to get rid of the current regime.

Thus, to believe the Algerian media whose site TSA , General Athmane Tartag, said Bachir has resigned from President Bouteflika, who accepted it a few hours before resigning in turn.

In office since 2015, General Tartag had succeeded General Mohamed Mediène after the latter’s retirement. His arrival at the head of the Directorate of Security Services ( DSS ) coincided with the restructuring of the intelligence services wanted by President Bouteflika.

This recasting meant that the services of the new DSS were attached to the Presidency of the Republic and not to the Ministry of Defense. According to the Algerian press, General Athmane Tartag also left the presidency where he also officiated as adviser to the president in charge of coordination with the security services.

Since Tuesday, April 2, the head of state Abdelaziz Bouteflika, under strong pressure from the streets and the army, has resigned, paving the way for an uncertain transition in the country.


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