#Algeria: Bouteflika will resign before April 28 (official)


Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika will resign before the expiry of his term on April 28, announced the presidency in a statement quoted by the official APS news agency .

The head of state will take “measures to ensure the continuity of the functioning of state institutions during the transition period,” the statement said, adding that his “resignation (…) will occur before April 28, 2019”.

Neither the date of this resignation nor the “important decisions” that will be taken before have been specified.

In power since 20 years, President Bouteflika faces since February 22 a massive and unprecedented protest, demanding his departure and that of his entourage and more broadly that of the “system” in power.

After renouncing a fifth term, a prospect that sent millions of Algerians into the streets, Bouteflika postponed the presidential election scheduled for April 18 and proposed to hand over his power to a successor elected after the election. a national conference to reform the country and draft a new constitution.

An option that implied that he remains in power beyond the expiry of his mandate and until an indefinite date, categorically rejected by the demonstrators whose mobilization has not weakened in recent weeks.

Mr. Bouteflika found himself very isolated in recent days after the army’s chief of staff, the powerful General Ahmed Gaïd Salah, an unwavering ally, claimed that his departure from power was the solution to the crisis. a position to which most of the pillars of his regime quickly joined.

According to the Constitution, once his resignation is declared, it is the president of the Council of Nation, the upper house of Parliament, Abdelkader Bensalah, 77, who will act as interim for a maximum period of 90 days during which a presidential election is organized.



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