Uganda says Russia to help it develop nuclear energy


Uganda said on Wednesday. It had signed an Inter-Governmental Agreement (IGA) with Russia. To help the country build capacity to exploit nuclear technology for energy, medical and other peaceful purposes.

 Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni. Said It is eager to use. The country’s uranium deposits to boost energy production capacity.

In May last year, Uganda also signed. A memorandum of understanding with China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC). To help Uganda build capacity in the use of atomic energy for peaceful purposes.

In an emailed statement. Uganda’s energy ministry. Said the (IGA) with Russia was signed in Vienna on Tuesday. Between Energy Minister Irene Muloni and Nikolai Spasskiy. The deputy director general of Russian state corporation Rosatom.

Under the agreement. The statement said. Russia will help Uganda. With development of nuclear infrastructure and production and application of radioisotopes. For industrial, healthcare and agricultural use.

Spasskiy expressed. The commitment and readiness of ROSATOM to support Uganda’s plans to develop the peaceful use of nuclear energy. Especially in the nuclear power plant development. the statement said.


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