Uganda: Government denies plan repressive law against homosexuals


Kampala – Uganda :The Ugandan government said on Monday a statement in which it rejects any intention to reintroduce to Parliament a law that punishes the “promotion” of homosexuality in the country. An offense that, if passed by Parliament, would have been punishable by the death penalty.

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In recent weeks, this bill on the promotion of homosexuality had created a stir in Uganda, particularly in the gay community. The law had been adopted by Parliament at first reading before being rejected by the courts, which denounced a breach of the law. The quorum required for the vote had not been reached.

This was followed by an outcry from the gay community denouncing a government witch hunt while the Ugandan penal code already criminalizes “unnatural” sexual acts.

For many, the Ugandan government’s back-pedaling comes after international donors have withdrawn their support to the country. Information not mentioned by Kampala.


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