#Uganda: AIDS virus injected into a baby?


Although innocent on appeal, a Ugandan nurse remains in the eyes of some observers guilty of transfusing blood suspected of containing HIV / AIDS to a six-month-old baby.

Sylvia Kyomuhangi will no longer spend two years behind bars. By breaking the verdict of the District Court of Kitgum, the Court of Appeal of Gulu, the second largest city in Uganda, said Thursday the 32-year-old Ugandan nurse not guilty of injecting tainted blood to HIV / AIDS to a baby of six months.

For the jury chaired by magistrate Stephen Mubiru, the evidence was so insufficient and weak to incriminate the defendant that “the release of the young woman was needed.” What is right to the lawyer Ms Kyomuhangi, Immaculate Owomugisha, the NGO Uganda Aids Network ( UGANET ) who had appealed the decision of Kitgum.

But Hussein Nasulu Ntalo, president of the Kitgum District Court, remains convinced that all the evidence and other evidence overwhelmed the nurse.

“The babysitter, the officers of the police crime squad who went to the scene and many witnesses all testified against Kyomuhangi. In addition, DNA samples taken from the public testing laboratory in Kampala and bloodstained clothing all indicated that she was guilty, “said the magistrate.

Dissatisfaction shared by other observers who also believe that the nurse is indeed guilty of the facts that are blamed on him. And the debate is far from over.

This is not the first case inherent in AIDS that makes a lot of noise in Uganda. The East African country remembers, for example, a young woman who had been taking antiretrovirals for six years (2011-2017) because she was wrongly diagnosed with HIV.


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