#Sudan: four deaths on the first day of a “civil disobedience” movement (doctors)


Four people died Sunday in the first day of a national movement of “civil disobedience” launched by the leaders of Sudan’s protest against the ruling generals, doctors close to the protesters said.

Two of the four dead were shot dead in Khartoum and the nearby town of Omdurman, while the other two were “beaten and stabbed” and died in a hospital in Omdurman, said the committee of doctors in the same town. separate communiqués.

These people were victims of the “Transitional Military Council” and its “militias”, accused the same source.

The total toll of victims since the outbreak of a violent crackdown on June 3 – marked by the dispersion that day of Khartoum’s sit-in – is 118 dead, said the committee of doctors.



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