#Somalia: Kenya Peacekeepers in Somalia Must leave


Kenyan peacekeeping troops in Somalia must go home, because there are compelling reasons the Federal Government of Somalia should ask them to leave the country with immediate effect.

Two of the main reasons making necessary these soldiers must go home is that they meddled in domestic politics and they are putting at risk the sovereign of the Somalia federal state.

They are here as part of African Union Mission in Somalia and their role is to provide security to Somalia political and peace building processes and help war against terrorists in the region. Sadly they overstepped these roles and at same time they breached the United Nations peacekeeping principles after they abused Somali officials and their country went territorial war with Somalia.

The Kenyan troops based in Kismayo have many times intimidated and harassed Somalia Federal Government officials visiting the city and they support defiant state governor, Ahmed Madobe Islam who is currently collaborating with Kenya government to stay in power.

This is against the UN peacekeeping principles which precisely explain that peacekeepers must be impartial, engage peacekeeping in a country with consent and should use minimum force.

Kenyan troops excused themselves pursuing terrorists danger to their country entered Somalia illegally in the first place and then they involved activities against Somalia unity and territorial independence. They act with impunity and they humiliate Somali people and their leaders.

The ridiculous act of Kenyans in Somalia is not secret. The Standard, a Kenya newspaper issue on 18th of August 2019 has reported that the Kenyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs is supporting Ahmed Mohamed Islam, the president of Somalia state of Jubbaland to remain in power after the current election process.

And according to Daily Nation, another Kenyan newspaper wrote on 8th August 2019 stories about Kenyan MPs want government of Kenya to send troops to the areas it targeted in Somalia.

The Kenya and Somalia geopolitical current problem is much greater than maritime border dispute that can be settled in an international court of law. It is Kenya using its peacekeepers in Somalia to grab more lands from Somalia.

When Kenyan peacekeepers in Somalia are undermining the unity of the country. When their country which is an open territorial war with Somalia is using them inside the country.

When they are backing a renegade Somali leader who is putting at risk the territorial integrity of Somalia and they are incessantly degrade Somalia people and their Federal Government officials, there is no way they can operate in the country. The government of Somalia must not hesitate to ask them go away now.

By Omar Dini

Afeef: Aragtida qoraalkan waxa ay ku gaar tahay qofka ku saxiixan, kamana tarjumeyso tan Axadle Media Group. Axadle, waa mareeg u furan qof kasta inuu ku gudbiyo ra’yigiisa saliimka ah. Kusoo dir qoraaladaada



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