Somali leaders reject Kenya’s 2019 census results, threaten court action


NAIROBI, kenya – Barely seventy two hours when the official unleash of Kenya’s 2019 population figures, leaders from Northern Frontier Districts have laid-off the result, business for a correct audit.

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President Uhuru Kenyatta received the most recent national information on Monday and directed the country’s Treasury to ‘start victimization the statistics directly for resources allocation’.

According to the kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS), the country’s population stands at 47.6 million folks, a rise of paltry nine million in ten years.

Residents of Mandera, Wajir and Garissa counties had on Monday controversial the figures, setting the pace for their leaders who have since joined the bandwagon.

Leaders junction rectifier by National Assembly legislator on Wed rejected the figures, accusive KNBS of ‘doctoring’ the results to discriminate the North-Eastern region.

Duale, a key ally of President Uhuru Kenyatta, drawn up pressing auditing of the results. He termed the statistics as ‘opaque and cooked’.

“Don’t suppose that you just will cook numbers… If you would like to sustain your tyranny take it to the room, not the room,” the Garissa city MP protested.

“If you have got too several men United Nations agency do they marry? Do they marry themselves? we would like the information and server opened,” he added.

His sentiments were backed by former Mandera legislator Billow Kerrow United Nations agency insisted that the high birth rate at the region couldn’t translate to the low population.

“North-Eastern (3 Counties) their census in two009 was 2.39 million, yesterday, the figures free were two.47 million that means the expansion was eighty,000- an area that has the best birth rate. however did the figures return down?” Kerrow questioned.

Former National Assembly Deputy Speaker and Lagdera MP Farah Ahmed additionally laid-off the figures as ‘manipulation’. He suspect unidentified folks of Central African country of masterminding the plight.

“Population census in African country is usually riddled with manipulation. Central African country leaders will currently celebrate the shrinking of the Somali Population. For 10 sensible years leaders from Central African country slept, woke & dreamt the population of former NEP. bear in mind what goes around comes around.”

Governor Ali Roba of Mandera vowed to challenge the figures within the court. He everlasting senior governance of manipulating the figures, adding that they’re meant for ‘political propaganda’.

“We willnot settle for a notion that a administrative unit can incorporate political info into key policy choices which will negatively have an effect on generations,” he said, adding that he can move to court.

The KNBS Director Zachary Mwangi defended his team, contention that the results delivered to the President mirror the particular population in each administrative body.

Mwangi denied manipulating the figures at the harm of alternative Kenyan communities. The statistics boss insisted that the figures were accurately captured.

“The results show population distribution, that’s the quantity of individuals, variety of households additionally because the average size at national, county and sub-county level per administrative body. there’s a distinction between administrative body and unit,” Mwangi aforementioned.

In the results, Mandera County’s population reduced from one.02 million in 2009 to 867,000. For Wajir, the population enhanced by one hundred,000 in ten years. The figure stands at 781,000.

Interestingly, despite the population of Garissa being recorded at 841,000, the quantity of men was slightly over ladies. the general population of NFDs stands at two.5 million from the previous variety, 2.3 million.

Population figures area unit elementary within the economic coming up with of the country. Besides the poorness index and terra firma, the population determines resource allocation.

Also, the numbers confirm United Nations agency takes over government in Kenya’s social group political came upon. there’s a dialogue to vary the constitution by adopting the Parliamentary system of state from this presidential system.


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