Rwandan student leader, others arrested by Ugandan military


Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) have captured four college understudies of Rwandan inception on charges that are as yet obscure and are being kept at a military Unknown quarters.

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The four understudies at Kampala International University (KIU) incorporate the director of the Rwandan understudies’ relationship at the college, distinguished as Joram Rwamojo.

The other three have been just recognized as Mugisha, Emmanuel and one Kagara.

Additionally held with the understudies are three different Rwandans who have been working various organizations in Uganda.

As indicated by sources, they were snatched from their lodgings on Wednesday night and have since been confined at the infamous Makindye Military Barracks additionally situated in the capital Kampala.

A college official who mentioned to stay unknown said that the understudies have now missed their tests.

“Our understudies missed their tests as a result of the capture. We rang the DPC (District Police Commander) Kabalaga who alluded us to CMI saying that they are the ones with him,” he said.

The occurrence pursues a spate of kidnappings, torment and unlawful detainment of Rwandans in various pieces of Uganda, in an activity that is driven by the CMI.

Ugandan specialists have recently told the media that the explanation they capture Rwandans is on the grounds that they are “spies sent by Rwanda”.

Nonetheless, nobody has ever been charged in court. Rather, after protracted confinement some of them are packaged into vehicles and tossed at the outskirt with Rwanda.

On the vast majority of the kidnapping, CMI has worked with Rwandan dissenters who have discovered a place of refuge in Uganda.

Those that have recently been casualties of the CMI-drove kidnappings have validated about the push to select them into working with dread gatherings with aim to destabilize Rwanda, including Rwanda National Congress (RNC) that is driven by Kayumba Nyamwasa.

Refusal to notice this interest has just pulled in more torment for them.

Following these supported snatchings and torment of Rwandans, in March this year the administration forewarned nationals against movement to Uganda, saying that their security there was not ensured.


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