#Rwanda soldiers kill two people at border Ugandan and Rwandan


POLICE is investigating a cross boarder shooting that was carried out by Rwandan security against a Ugandan and Rwandan Nationals.

The incident occurred on Friday night (24, May, 2019) at 8pm at Hamisavu, trading centre, Kiruhura village, Kamwezi sub-county, Rukiga district.

Police publicists, Fred Enanga, identified the deceased as Peter Nyengye, Rwandan businessman and Ugandan, Alex Nyesiga.

Enanga, said that, Nyengye attempted to cross to Rwanda on motorcycle loaded with merchandizes before citing the armed Rwandan security guard and attempted to turn back.

“Two armed Rwandan soldiers chased Nyengye a distance of 80 metres into Ugandan territory at Hamisavu trading center and when he resisted arrest, he was shot on the head and killed instantly,“ he said.

Enanga said that the armed soldiers in addition also shot dead, Nyesiga who tried to intervene.

The Rwandan soldiers withdrew after they failed to remove the body of the victim (Nyengye). Police said the two bodies were transferred to Kamwezi Health Centre IV for postmortem.

“We strongly condemn the violet acts of killing innocent civilians with impunity, regardless of their immigration status. In this instance there was no justification for the illegal entry and use of deadly force by the Rwandan military,”Enanga said.

He added that “there are alternative, adequate and remedies available at disposal to curb such instances.

In the recent past, 44 Rwandan nationals who had illegal entered Uganda, were intercepted in Kasese district and deported back to Rwanda in peaceful manner.

Enanga urges his Rwandan counterparts to respect the rights of citizens along the border and avoids acts of provocation that can destabilize prevailed peace on boarder.


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