Rwanda: In Revenge 23 Ugandans expelled from Rwanda


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The Kisoro Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Mr Peter Mugisha, has confirmed that 23 Ugandans working in Rwanda were expelled at the weekend under unclear circumstances.

“On Sunday, we received 23 Ugandans that were picked up from their workplaces in Rwanda and dropped off at Kyanika Border Post in Kisoro District. There was no official communication from Rwanda about the offence the deported Ugandans had committed although we received them,” Mr Mugisha said.

He said the Ugandans were working with road construction companies and many of them were from Nebbi and Tororo districts.

Mr Mugisha warned Ugandans against crossing to Rwanda until the misunderstandings between the two countries are resolved by the ad hoc committee that was appointed to implement the pact signed by the Ugandan and Rwandan presidents in Angola, in August.

In February this year, the Rwandan government blocked its border with Uganda at Gatuna and barred all Ugandan cargo trucks from entering their country.

The Rwandan government also warned their nationals from entering in Uganda, saying they would be persecuted.
Several Rwandans who have tried to cross onto Uganda and Ugandans who have crossed into Rwanda through ungazetted border points have been shot dead or injured inside Rwanda by government forces.


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