#Mali:Gunfire reported resort in the suburbs of Bamako ‘ongoing attack,’ police say


Around 7 pm local time, the Malian forces stormed the Kangaba camp, a resort frequented by Westerners. The establishment, located in the east of the city, had been assaulted by armed men around 4:30 pm local time. The latest available report shows two deaths.

The attack by the anti-terrorist special forces was launched at 7 pm local time at the Kangaba camp site. It ended some tens of minutes later. A security operation was still underway at 20:00. The Ministry of Security explains that the four assailants are on the run. One of them would be injured.

During the search, a submachine gun and molotov cocktails were found. The record, very provisional, amounts to two deaths, including a Franco-Gabonese. Four wounded, including at least one Malian military, 36 released hostages. The majority would be in shock

The terrorist attack began at the end of the afternoon in this resort located in eastern Bamako frequented by Malians and foreign tourists. The sector was then closed by the Malian forces but also elements of the Minusma, the mission of the United Nations, or even the European military.

According to the Ministry of Security, this would be an operation carried out by ”  suspected jihadists  “. The assailants shouted ”  Allah akbar!  (God is great), according to many helpers.

Nine days ago, the American embassy in Mali warned its citizens about threats of attacks in Bamako against Western diplomatic missions, places of worship, sites frequented by Westerners. She asked the Americans to avoid insecure places, churches, restaurants and hotels. The State Department advised not to go to Mali.

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