#Kenya: “high level” athlete tested positive by IAAF


The dark days follow each other and are similar for Kenyan athletics. After Jemmima Sumgong, a new world-renowned athlete has just failed the anti-doping test, according to information released by Reuters.

If the identity of the athlete has not been revealed initially, the news agency ensures that the president of the Kenyan athletics federation has entrusted one of his correspondents with a positive test Was conducted by the International Athletics Federation, the IAAF .

Kenya has gained international acclaim, but some 50 Kenyan athletes have been suspended by the IAAF for various doping cases.

The country almost missed the Olympic Games after the president of the international athletics federation Sebastian Coe put the Kenyan federation in notice to improve its anti-doping controls.

A threat that prompted President Uhuru Kenyanata to pass an anti-doping law in the emergency procedure.

Axadle Times
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