#Kagame: Diplomatic missions summoning presidential candidates to explain themselves is unacceptable


Paul Kagame has warned diplomatic missions in the country against interfering in the August 4 general elections.

He sounded the caution on Tuesday in an interview with journalists at an event in the capital Kigali.

While the Electoral Commission is expected to announce on Friday the final list of presidential candidates of August 4, Paul Kagame accused the diplomatic community of interfering in the electoral process.

The Rwandan president made the remarks on Tuesday night in a televised interview. A reaction to several tweets of Western diplomats published after the announcement last week by the Rwandan electoral commission, the NEC, of ​​the provisional list of presidential candidates. In this list, only two candidates appear: President Paul Kagame and Frank Habineza, the president of the Green Democratic Party.

The NEC had considered that the files of the four independent candidates did not meet the requirements.

“Diplomatic missions should not replace the electoral commission” and should let it do its job, accused Paul Kagame.

The Rwandan president was reacting to a tweet posted Tuesday by Michael Ryan, the head of the European delegation in the country, in which he asked the Rwandan electoral body to ” quickly clarify ” the reasons why it rejected a large part of the sponsorships Presented by one of the presidential candidates, Diane Rwigara.

Last week, the NEC refused all independent candidates’ records, assuring three of them that some of the signatures of citizens they had collected were not regulatory.

A decision that had led to the misunderstanding of the persons concerned. The latter have until Thursday to file their file again with the electoral commission.

During this interview, Paul Kagame also criticized without naming the American ambassador. In a series of tweets Erika Barks-Ruggles, had announced meeting several presidential candidates. ”  Interference  ” for the Rwandan president. ”  If they could decide which candidate should win and place it, they would be happy to do so,  ” he said.

“The diplomatic missions here are not and should not replace the electoral commission. The same people are the ones crying saying people have interfered in their elections,” Kagame said.

“If they could decide which candidate should win, they would be happy to do that … Diplomatic missions summoning presidential candidates to explain themselves is unacceptable,” he added.

Paul Kagame has held strong stance against western influence in Africa with the most recent being the decision to ban importation of used clothes despite threats by the United States.

Kagame is contesting for a third term as President of Rwanda. His only contender is the Green Democratic Party leader Frank Habineza.

Xaruunta Dhexe ee Shabakadda Axadle Group
Axadle International Monitoring – Africa


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