#Djibouti: Opponent Mohamed Ahmed, says Jabha, sentenced to 15 years in prison


In Djibouti, after 7 years of detention without trial, the opponent Mohamed Ahmed, said Jabha, was tried and condemned, on Sunday morning June 18, by the Criminal Court of Djibouti, to 15 years in prison. His lawyer, Zacharia, denounces a political condemnation and a death sentence for his client whose health is critical.

Accused by Djibouti of being in the pay of Eritrea, opponent Mohamed Ahmed, a member of the Front for the Restoration of Unity and Democracy (FRUD), had never been tried since his detention, In June 2010. In a few hours, this Sunday, he was convicted of intelligence with a foreign power and organization of a paramilitary formation.

Joined by RFI, his lawyer Zacharia denounces the lack of independence of the Djiboutian Justice. According to him, the file is empty and these accusations are only an instrumentalization of Justice for political purposes.

”  The Prime Minister said in October 2016, before the Djibouti deputies, that Mr. Jabha would remain in prison as long as he was in business. Indeed, today, he was justified. This is not only scandalous, but it shows the lack of independence of the Djiboutian justice system. Nothing could justify this verdict. And for good reason ! No witnesses, no weapons, no material evidence and yet they require thirty years, practically followed at 15 years by magistrates and jurors,  “he said.

Zacharia denounces not only a political condemnation, but also a death sentence for his client whose health is critical.

”  The Court did not even show humanity. They had a sick man in front of them. He sat because he could not even stand. That is to say. And today, in addition to the seven years of arbitrary detention, we are told 15 years. But it’s over ! It is a death sentence. They know very well that at any moment he may die. He has an incurable cancer, he has been tortured. He explained it to the Court. To keep this gentleman in a prison environment is death  , “he said.

The prosecutor could not be contacted to comment on the verdict.

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