Burundi: Three people killed in the attack on a bar in Bujumbura


Three people were killed and three injured Friday night during an attack on a Bujumbura bar by an unidentified armed group, Saturday’s relatives of the victims and Burundian police said.

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“A car (…) entered the bar – Chez Gilbert – neighborhood Rohero yesterday at 21:00 local (19:00 GMT ), armed men came out, they launched a grenade and then began to shoot the customers, “said a relative of one of the victims on condition of anonymity.

“Three people were killed on the spot and three were wounded, two of them very seriously,” the source said.

Victims were hit by bullets and shrapnel, according to their relatives.

Burundi police deputy spokesman Moïse Nkurunziza confirmed the attack on Saturday, attributing it to “unidentified criminals armed with a KV type rifle” and assuring that the investigation “Started immediately” to find these criminals.

Rohero, in the heart of Bujumbura, is a neighborhood that includes the main administrations of Burundi as well as homes affluent.

This is the first attack in a bar in Bujumbura after a lull that lasted more than two years.

Several attacks of the kind, described as “terrorists” by the power, had bloodied the city and the country after the crisis of 2015, born from the decision of the president Pierre Nkurunziza to seek a third mandate which it obtained in July of the same year.

“This is a terrorist attack because the attackers apparently wanted to make as many casualties as possible, without stealing anything, (…), we think that this act was committed by our enemies who want to show that there is a insecurity in Burundi less than seven months of the presidential election in 2020, “said Moses Nkurunziza.

He expressed fear of the increasing number of acts of violence in the run-up to this crucial election, to which the Head of State has already stated on several occasions that he will not stand again despite a new disputed Constitution adopted in 2018, and who allows it.

The Burundian regime and the opposition have always blamed themselves for these crimes that are never claimed and whose perpetrators have never been arrested.



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