#Burundi: Ban on press conference of opposition MPs


In Burundi, the mayor of Bujumbura banned, Friday, June 9, the organization of a press conference of the parliamentary group Amizero y’abarundi.

They are about thirty deputies from the former Hutu Rebellion of the National Liberation Forces (FNL) of Agathon Rwasa, on the one hand, and the former single majority Tutsi party, the Union for National Progress ( Uprona), on the other hand.

The mayor of the capital explained that this coalition had no legal existence and therefore, as such, its deputies could not speak publicly. On the FNL side, there is a dictatorial and absurd decision.

The cleaver fell Friday night. Reason invoked by the mayor of Bujumbura: Amizero y’abarundi is a coalition formed during the 2005 electoral period and has no legal personality under the law.

Amizero y’abarundi, “Hope of the Burundians”, in the national language, was created by two parties, banned at the time, to circumvent precisely this prohibition. Since then, even though the parties have officially boycotted the 2015 elections, the coalition has won some thirty deputies and entered the government.

Today, these elected officials refuse to express themselves and all say they fear for their lives. Also, it was a personality in exile who reacted.

”  I think the coalition of Amizero y’abarundi is a legal coalition, which is recognized even within the National Assembly. These decisions clearly show that the political space in Burundi is completely locked. Nobody today can express himself when he is not in the party in power  , “said Aime Magera, spokesman in exile of the FNL of Agathon Rwasa .

This spokesman believes that the Burundian government wanted to silence the deputies and prevent them from denouncing the numerous cases of extrajudicial executions, arbitrary arrests or enforced disappearances that are the victims of the members of the party of Agathon Rwasa.

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