7 Red Sea countries launch military drill in Jeddah

Drill comes amid tension in Gulf after drone attacks on two oil facilities in Saudi Arabia


Naval forces from seven Red Sea countries. Started a joint military drill in the Saudi city of Jeddah on Sunday. According to Saudi Arabia’s official SPA news agency.

The Red Wave 2 exercise. Includes forces from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, Djibouti, Yemen, and Somalia.

The exercise “aims to unify and enhance the maritime security of the countries bordering the Red Sea.Protect territorial waters and strengthen military cooperation.” Commander of the Saudi Western Fleet Vice Admiral Saqr bin Mohammed Al-Harbi said.

He added. That the drill. Also aims to enhance. Cooperation and standardization of military concepts. Raise combat readiness and exchange experiences between the participating countries.

The exercise comes. Amid tension in the Gulf. After drones hit two oil facilities, in the north of Saudi Arabia on Sept. 14.

Yemen’s Houthi rebel group. Initially claimed responsibility for the attack. But the U.S. has since blamed Iran. As has Saudi Arabia. Tehran has denied any connection to the strikes.


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