#When will Africa stop these begging meetings?


For Professor Makau Mutua, the Tokyo International Conference on African Development ( TICAD ) is a shame for Africa. The Kenyan human rights defender has trouble understanding that the leaders of the continent have spread their “begging” for this reunion with Japan.

The curtains have just fallen on the seventh edition of the Tokyo International Conference on African Development ( TICAD ) held August 28-30 in Yokohama, Japan.

A high-level meeting on the development of Africa, TICAD was launched by Japan in 1993. The meeting was held every five years in Japan before moving to a three-year program alternately with Africa.

Like the six previous editions, TICAD 2019 was an opportunity to strengthen cooperation between Africa and Japan. “This time at TICAD 7, we hope to see Japan-Africa cooperation flourish and bear fruit. Tomorrow, I can not wait to discuss what we need to do now, “Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said at the opening.

For this cooperation to flourish, we need something concrete. And Mr. Abe seems to have prepared himself to reassure his African interlocutors. For example, the more than $ 400,000 promised in Nigeria to help fight piracy off the Gulf of Guinea and the signing of an agreement with Côte d’Ivoire to set up assembly of Toyota vehicles in Abidjan.

“When will Africa stop these begging meetings?”

On the African side, satisfaction seems total. Like the Ivorian Prime Minister Amadou Gon Coulibaly who greeted the Yokohama City Council on July 27, Japan’s support for Africa’s development.

Which is not to the taste of all Africans. Among the malcontents of TICAD , a Kenyan, Professor Makau Mutua, chairman of the board of directors of the Kenya Human Rights Commission.

” TICAD is a shame for Africa. When will Africa stop these begging meetings? We should be ashamed of our leaders. I can not understand how African leaders can celebrate this atrocity! It’s really a shame! “Lamented in a tweet the associate him.

And to propose: “Let’s make Africa an attractive destination for investment so we can stop begging.”

This means that the cooperation that has been conducted since independence by Africans abroad seems to have reached its limits. To the point that girls and sons of the continent would like to take their leaders to review their copy.


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