#”The AU can become as strong as the EU” (Kagame)


For the Rwandan Head of State, the African Union (AU) can become as strong and effective as the sister organization the European Union. Paul Kagame believes, however, that there are several obstacles to overcome.

The Rwandan president delivered this opinion in an interview with the Kenyan site “The Eastafrican.co.ke”. The opportunity for Paul Kagame to address many issues inherent in the news in East Africa, but especially to talk about the future of the African Union (AU) of which he was president in office in 2018 before to yield the witness to the Egyptian Abdel Fatah Al-Sissi.

And according to the Rwandan president, the AU has a promising future. The organization can even be at the same pitch as the others, including the European Union (EU). “It is possible that the AU will become as strong as the European Union”.

However, nuance Mr Kagame, “the EU has 28 countries, while the African continent has 55. It will be more difficult to bring together 55 countries than to bring together 28 states.

A challenge that can be met, provided that subregional organizations including the Economic Community of Central African States ( ECCAS ) or the East African Community ( EAC ) consolidate in their breasts and become effective.

“We can do it in many ways. For example, if you take these regional blocks, the closer they get to one another, the easier it is to bring them together, and thus bring the whole continent together. We should proceed step by step, as concretely as possible, “said the Rwandan leader.

The Kagame passage at the head of the AU was marked by the signing in March in Kigali of an agreement on the Free Trade Area ( CFTA ) in Africa.


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