#DRC: Kinshasa suspends military cooperation with Brussels


The DRC has decided to break off its military cooperation with Belgium. This information from our confreres of Jeune Afrique has been confirmed by the Belgian Ministry of Defense.

A decision that comes in the context of tension between Brussels and Kinshasa.

With our Brussels office ,

It is therefore confirmed from a Belgian source, that on the initiative of Kinshasa, the Belgian-Congolese military cooperation is suspended. The military partnership program between Belgium and its former colony focuses mainly on training.

According to news, the Belgian armed forces dispatched up to a hundred of their instructors to the Congo, where they carried out the operational consolidation of the 321st, 322nd, and – partly – 323th rapid reaction battalions.

On the other hand, the Belgians contributed to the creation of integration units, formed from elements from different dissolved militias, particularly within the 31st brigade. Future officers, officers of the Armed Forces of the DRC (FARDC), often come from the Royal Military Academy in Brussels.

The Belgian Ministry of National Defense is currently carrying out an inventory of the ongoing cooperation activities in order to repatriate as soon as possible its instructors in the Congo.

The Belgo-Congolese military cooperation, which was in turn praised and vilified by the recipients, is perceived in Brussels as a faithful barometer of relations between the two countries; The Belgian critics at the recent appointment of the Congolese Prime Minister testify to a further deterioration of these relations, of which the military are the first to bear the brunt.

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