#Congo, Brazzaville:Nearly 30 years later, Brazzaville has its first cinema


The capital of the Republic of Congo, Brazzaville, a city of over a million inhabitants, has inaugurated its only cinema, which will allow its inhabitants to reconnect with the 7th art, noted a journalist of AFP .

This is a first since 1991 for this city that had seen all its theaters closed on the big screen, following the dissolution of the National Film Board (Onaci) went bankrupt in 1991. Since then, all were turned into shops or places of worship for lack of buyers.

Built in Poto-Poto, a neighborhood adjacent to downtown Brazzaville, with funds from the Bolloré group, this unique cinema has 300 seats and an open outdoor stage designed to host concerts and other events.

Investment in the cinema is buoyant and is in the long term

This new movie theater “is a salutary work after almost three decades of wandering. A new era of recovery opens with its inauguration, “said Wednesday the Minister of Culture Dieudonné Moyongo.

“We would like our Congolese films to be screened in this kind of room to help us too. That there is not only the projection of Western movies, “said a young Congolese filmmaker Massein Pethas.

Buoyant investment
The hall is part of the Canal Olympia network of Bolloré which has already built and offered 11 in different capitals mainly French-speaking Africa (Dakar, Conakry, Cotonou, Ouagadougou, Yaounde, …).

Canal Olympia Brazzaville offers 19 weekly sessions priced at 1,500 FCFA (more than 2 euros) adult ticket and 1,000 FCFA (more than 1 euro) per child.

Congo is a small, oil-rich country in Central Africa, half of whose population lives below the poverty line.

“Everything works well in the first rooms where the influx is sometimes higher than what can be observed in European cities,” said Philippe Labonne, deputy general manager of Bolloré.

“The investment in cinema is buoyant and is in the long term,” he added.


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